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Veehoo Chew-Proof Dog Bed - Rustless Aluminum Frame

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Veehoo Chew-Proof Dog Bed - Rustless Aluminum Frame is in stock.

  • A chew-proof elevated dog bed with a rustless aluminum frame makes your puppy's dog bed more durable.
  • Excellent material and structure eliminate the risk of collapse of dog beds, providing a more stable and comfortable sleeping experience.
  • Let your dog get into healthier sleeping habits.
  • Features of easy to clean makes cleaning dog beds no longer a burden.
  • Easy to assemble, just a few steps your puppy will have comfortable bed.
  • Small: 22"L x 17"W x 7"H (56x43x18 cm), the dog bed can hold a maximum weight of 150 pounds (68kg).
  • Medium: 32"L x 25"W x 7"H (81x64x18 cm), the dog bed can hold a maximum weight of 150 pounds (68kg).
  • Large: 42"L x 30"W x 7"H (107x76x18 cm), the dog bed can hold a maximum weight of 150 pounds (68kg).
  • X-Large: 49"L x 32.5"W x 9"H (125x83x23 cm), can hold a maximum weight of 150 pounds (68kg).
  • XX-Large: 59”L x 37.4”W x 9”H (150*95*23 cm), can hold a maximum weight of 150 pounds (68kg).

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Overall Rating

96 % of 100

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Customer Reviews

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  1. Haley Fox Blog
    Very Nice Dog Bed
    Very Strong and sturdy dog bed. Has to be put together, but is super simple. My dogs love it too, Highly Recommend.
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  2. IMScrat
    Looks like it will be durable over the long haul
    It wasn't too bad to assemble and seems like it will stand up to my large dogs. The dogs love it.
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  3. Roy N.
    Great cot
    This is a really nice cot. I haven't had it long but it definitely seems durable, at least the frame, which is all metal, is very strong. We'll see how long the fabric holds up. I'll revise my review if I have any issues with it.Assembly was very easy for me. All you have to do is partially screw each screw in without tightening anything until they are all partially in. Then you can screw them in tightly and you won't have any trouble at all. I didn't time myself but it took me 5-10 minutes in total.The only difficulty I had was because the company is nice enough to include a couple of extra locking washers and at first I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do with them. But they are spare (two extra screws were also included) and I don't think I will need them. The only tool you need is an allen wrench and that is included in a bag with the screws.The legs have plastic on the end to help protect your floor so I don't think the cot can do any damage to floors.The one true issue is that I don't think the finish on the metal frame is very good. There were a few scratches on the fame right out of the box and you can see the bare metal under the scratches. I suspect it won't be long before there are many more scratches.Overall I'm very happy with this product and can recommend it.
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  4. A. Fabbri
    Dog loves the raised bed. Outdoor safe too.
    This is a really nice raised "cot style" bed for your dog.Likes:- Nice design and quality overall.- Exterior-grade. Aluminium and thick all-weather fabric.- Seems sturdy and built to last.- Looks good. Ours matches our outdoor patio set perfectly.- Our dog loves it!Dislikes:- Assembly is medium difficulty. It is not that bad, but you do have to put rods through fabric and get bolt holes to line up (by altering the angle of the metal beams during installation and making sure the fabric is centered on each edge properly). Expect 15-30 minutes assembly?- I wish the fabric was strung a *little bit* tighter. It barely sags, so not a big deal.I'll update this review if it doesn't hold up to outdoor and indoor use, but so far, recommended!
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  5. R B
    Solid, metal frame, some assembly; should last
    Veehoo Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed.Now this is a solid dog bed. Frame is metal. Does require assembly with tools (drill is best). Only took a few minutes, but not like the plastic ones that you run the poles thru. Been there/done that......several times.The fabric is like some outdoor patio shades we have, so it should hold up fine. We have it outside with a foam 3 inch pad on top. Dogs love it! We have dogs beds everywhere it seems w/5 dogs ...but they do like the outdoor lounging bed/pad outside...and I like it raised off the patio (like when it rains, hosing down, etc.)Not taking off any stars (because it is a strong bed).....but there were only 2 "nuts" and really it needed 8. There were extra long screws instead. not a biggy; we can get; but the nuts will keep screws from coming out, with a lot of activity on that bed. Pic of the missing nuts.
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  6. Brian Reaves
    Looks great and is a favorite of our dog
    This was definitely not a breeze to put together, but it wasn't impossible. I did it alone in about 10 minutes. If you leave the other three legs slightly loose and then tighten everything after getting the fourth leg attached it's a little easier. Once it's put together, it's sturdy. The frame is all metal, so when the dog tries to start biting it they won't be able to do any real damage to it. The canvas of the bed itself holds fairly well and the dog likes to lay in it for sure. The only problem I see is that the bed is starting to stretch. When first assembled it is taut and solid, but after having him lay in it for just a little while tonight, it's already stretched out in the middle and not holding tight like it was (we have a German Shepherd). On the other hand, an Basics version of this type of bed we've had for weeks now is still holding strong with no signs of stretching out like that even though the dog has been sleeping on it constantly since we got it. Not sure if this is just a characteristic of the Veehoo bed and it's supposed to slowly conform to the dog as he lays in it or not, but I just wanted to mention it.The bed really does look nice with the muted colors. I'm pleased with the appearance and I'm hoping it will hold up over the long run.
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  7. Chivona
    Great bed
    Awesome bed! Now my dog can't eat this oneWell, can't eat it...but can definitely scratch through it really easy
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  8. Nick P.
    Solid little bed
    Strurdy build quality and I love the blue color. Would be nice if the netting allowed water to flow through it, water pools on top of the bed when it rains
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  9. Rhianna
    Awesome! My dane loves it.
    My dane loves it. He also loves to destroy beds and this one is holding up to him and his 125 pound self. He spends all his time just laying around now.
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  10. Dogs & Horses
    Dogs and I love this cot
    I can't believe we never thought to get one of these dog cots before! All 6 of our dogs love this thing. Enough so, that i ordered a second one. They lie on it, sit on it, play king of the mountain on it and share it with two dogs napping at once.It took 5 minutes to put together and is definitely sturdy. I jumped up and down on the cot and it was fine. The dogs have played and napped on it for about 10 days now with no structural failures. The large cot can hold two fat Blue Heelers or a long Plott Hound and a Rat Terrier mix. The medium is suitable for just one of my dogs.I like that they can hang out outside without wallowing in the West Texas sand and dirt. Plus they are elevated from potential scorpions ambling by. I just hose the cots or sweep them off as needed. These are light enough to work with an RV as well.
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Items 461 to 470 of 470 total

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