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About Us - Veehoo Pet Beds & Pet Supplies.

Pets are family

Veehoo has been deeply engaged in pet products for many years, focusing on pet beds. We are committed to satisfying the life needs of pets, product quality and design innovation, and providing pets with a better lifestyle.

Since its inception, we have always required our team to maintain the 2L+2I (Learn, Listen, Iterate, and Imaginative) working model. LEARN, it indicates that Veehoo learns and familiarizes with pets’ living habits in order to develop more suitable products. LISTEN, it shows Veehoo listens to the customers' feedback to improve our products. Next, ITERATE, it means Veehoo continues to update and iterate the products. In addition, IMAGINATIVE, it expresses Veehoo requires the design team to be creative and imaginative. We have always emphasized quality, design and beauty, and always insist on starting from the needs of pets, providing them with high-quality, practical and comfortable products.

While continuing to provide pets with more high-quality home bedding products, we are also developing new products to meet pets’ home needs and outdoor activities. Your needs are our mission.

In recent years, with the continuous development of the brand, we have also continued to expand the business landscape. The countries where our brand is located include the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, China, and Europe.

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