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Veehoo Wooden Elevated Dog Bed - Wooden Frame

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  • Adopts a strong durable wooden frame, and the 1.9 x 0.27 in (Wide * Thick) middle support plates provide excellent load-bearing capacity. Saying goodbye to the fear of a sudden bed collapse and offering your beloved pets a safe and comfort private space.
  • 1.5"-Diameter stable wooden feet offer 4 inch off-the-ground design, which increase air circulation, ventilated and breathable, keep your dog away from the cold ground and enjoy deep sleep. Furthermore, will not feel too dull while enjoying the warmth.
  • Made of odorless wooden materials boards, Veehoo Pet beds are safe and heavy duty for daily use. The screws are hidden inside after installation, more beautiful. Please note that there are many installation steps, please read the instructions carefully before installation.
  • This dog bed is just a wooden bed frame, please matching a blanket when using it. In addition, we have matching Sponge Dog Beds and Orthopedic Dogs Beds on sale, search Veehoo to find more.
  • Small Size: 23" x 18" x 10" (59 x 46 x 25 cm). The modern style design of Veehoo wooden dog bed frame complements all home interior styles, Suitable for a normal adult German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Akita etc.
  • Medium Size: 33"x 26"x 10" (84 x 66 x 25 cm). The modern style design of Veehoo wooden dog bed frame complements all home interior styles, Suitable for a normal adult English Bulldog, Samoyed etc.

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Overall Rating

94 % of 100

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  1. M. J. Mccaffrey
    Everything works and fits together as long as you know your flat-packing
    Up front, I should disclose that I am an expert assembler of flat-packed furniture items from the blue-and-gold Swedish store. This dog bed is manufactured and shipped following the principles of Ikea, and for the most part it is successful. The seller warns that "lots of small parts need to be assembled" and that is accurate—don't expect to take a platform bed frame out of the box and put it to use. I found that the correct number of parts was included, and that the vinyl laminate parts and softwood slats/struts were all accurately cut and drilled. The designer did not fully understand how a cam lock works: rather than inserting the lock post in the hole and then inserting the cam lock over it, it is better to insert the cam lock first with the small triangle pointed toward the hole, and then bring the parts together. It's a minor detail, and more than offset by the manufacturer setting nylon anchors into the post holes rather than expecting them to be screwed into the bare wood.One genuine glitch: the legs are made of a hardwood (probably maple) and there is no way you are going to be able to set the screws into it with just a screwdriver. TIP: there is a dimple in the center of the leg left over from the lathe. Place the metal plate on the leg with the countersinks facing up, then set a screw into that dimple, about halfway in. Drill pilot holes, then set the screws in and remove the center screw.Your minimum tool list for assembling this bed frame: two Phillips screwdrivers (1 and 2), scratch awl, small hammer, and drill with a 3/32" bit. If you have screwdriving bits for the drill it might go a little faster, but not necessary.Finally, and again as described, you definitely need bedding for this platform, just as you would for your own bed. My small Sheltie's oval bed, with a blanket underneath, works just fine and she already has hopped up on her own a couple of times. The larger Sheltie is too big for the small-sized bed, and needs the next size up.Even though it falls a little short of Swedish standards, this is in fact a nicely manufactured bed platform, and it has a spot now in my office.
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  2. Gcat
    Attractive dog bed frame. Bring your own bed.
    What's not obvious in the product description is you only get the frame here. You must buy the bed/mattress separately. Requires a 25x32 inch bed to fit inside. You can shove a slightly bigger bed in there if you want but it may not look nice and tidy.Overall, this is a nice looking bed. It's not super attractive or super sturdy but it's pretty good in both departments.-Assembly is straightforward and easy. Takes about 15 minutes. You will want to bring your own power drill/screwdriver. My package was shorted a few screws so you may need to supply some of your own (~3/4" countersunk wood).-Build quality is pretty good. There is a bit of flex and wiggle in the finished frame but that shouldn't be a problem unless your dog is very rough with it.-The outside frame is a nicely finished veneer. I have the gray version which has a beach weathered look.-The slats and feet are solid wood yet still lightweight. The entire bed is light enough to carry around easily.
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  3. Andrea8430
    Pup loves it!
    My yorkie is 13 and has joint problems. I have shed woods and notice that she seems to not like the floor with blankets and rugs anymore . Since she isn’t. Allowed on the furniture I thought it was good to get her a piece of furniture all her own! It took a minute for her to understand it was hers abs it was ok to get on it. But now that she knows it’s hers she loves it
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