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Veehoo Sturdy Pet Steps - Pet Stairs for Small Dogs and Cats

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Veehoo Sturdy Pet Steps - Pet Stairs for Small Dogs and Cats is in stock.

  • Textilene Mesh Platform allows air to flow and is easy to clean, just simply wipe the Textilene Mesh clean with the wet towel.
  • Rustless Steel Frame is sturdier, non-slip, and more durable.
  • Designed for small and medium pets or elderly pets, so that your partner can reach you faster.
  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • 2 Steps: Height of 6/15cm and width of 8x16.5/20x42cm, the pet stairs can hold a maximum weight of 100 pounds (45kg).
  • 3 Steps: Height of 6/15cm and width of 8x21.5/20x54.5cm, the pet stairs can hold a maximum weight of 130 pounds (59kg).
  • 4 Steps: Height of 6/15cm and width of 8x21.5/20x54.5cm, the pet stairs can hold a maximum weight of 150 pounds (68kg).

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Customer Reviews

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  1. JoAnn Posival
    Perfect Tall Steps
    These stairs take up more room than expected but we have a small master bedroom. Our little 7 pound dog isn't afraid to use them, just keep in mind she was at first. We had thought they were too steep for her and she was scared of stumbling, but that seriously didn't take too long. Now she shoots up and down them to chase the big dogs with no hesitation. She loves that they can't hide from her anymore by being on a 30" tall bed. They are sturdy and don't rock or seem unsteady at all. I also got these because the weight capacity seemed good enough for our big dogs to use once they get too old and need them.
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  2. Barb
    Nice dog stairs
    These are extremely nice. Looks nice, very sturdy and easy to assembly for most. They were a little difficult for me, because I am not that strong. The only hard part was holding the pin in and sliding the leg over it so it would snap on. I don't think this would be a problem for most.
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  3. sandra wilder
    Attractive and functional
    I am replacing my old carpeted cat furniture. This is easy to clean and looks good in my house. Would recommend.
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  4. mj
    Keeps my cats food out of the dogs reach...
    My 14 year old cat can no longer jump up to reach her food, and she needed the steps. I also have dogs that would eat her food if it were on the floor. This solves the problem.
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  5. Customer
    Very Useful!
    Set this next to bed to help puppy get in and out. He was a little scared of it the first night, but by the second he was going up and down like a champ. I am very happy with this purchase. Well worth the money!
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  6. M. Ross
    Help your small or aging pet get up and down
    This set comes with a lot of rods and connectors, and only some pictographs guide you in assembly. But the parts are numbered well and assembly is pretty straightforward. The rods and connectors go together with spring-loaded balls that snap into cutouts in the rods as you push them together.My only advice is to pay attention to the longer rods - the longest two go on the bottom, parallel to the floor. If you reverse them you'll wonder why things don't look right. lol.Construction of these stairs is good and solid, and they should support all but the heaviest pets. I got the 3-step version, which works perfectly for our bed. The surface of the steps is a heavyweight synthetic mesh fabric, which can be adjusted for tightness by way of simple tension straps. The rods seem to be aluminum, finished in black, and the connectors are made of a sturdy plastic material. The assembled stairs are light enough to move around easily, but heavy enough to resist slipping or moving under a pet's weight or motion.My cats are slow to accept something like this and haven't really started using these stairs yet, but when they 'discover' them I'm sure they'll find them useful. 5 stars.UPDATE: Our older cat (who was having occasional trouble jumping up on our tallish bed) has totally accepted the steps and uses them all the time now. I know it has made things easier for her, and we really appreciate the help they give her.
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  7. Sunshine :)
    Great for aging pet.
    I have an older dog that loves to sit with me on the couch. As he is aging, he is having trouble jumping on the couch to sit with me. These steps are easy to assemble and feel well made. He is 25 pounds and, these are more than strong enough to hold him. These step are easy for him to walk up when he is having a bad day and hurting. These steps are a helpful tool to allow an aging dog live the life they are use to.
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  8. Brian "SpookYouLaterz" Lubecki
    Very durable and easy assembly
    These pet stairs are so nice for the price. They are very durable and work perfectly with the height of my bed. My dogs were a little nervous at first, but I tricked them with a treat and they finally tried them out! They work great!The instructions looked a bit confusing, however it’s very simple to figure out on your own. The pieces snap together easily.
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  9. Jasper’s Fluffy Fosters
    Great for elderly cats
    Easy to assemble and good quality. We ordered the 24" to primarily use it for getting onto the bed, although it works for the couch and window sill too! I volunteer for a cat rescue and will be using this for elderly cats and cats who have had surgery/amputations. They have the natural instinct to get up high, so these stairs will help them do that without hurting themselves.
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  10. Bucky Katt
    Well made dog / pet stairs make for a happier dog.
    Our bed is rather tall and our dog is getting older (and is not as athletic as he once was). In our old house we had carpeting throughout which made his jumping on the bed not as difficult or hazardous as it is now. Why the change? We now have hardwood floors and he no longer has traction to safely get up or down. Until we got him to stop trying on his own, he would slam into the sides (jumping up) of the bed, or face-planting onto the floor (getting down). Something needed to be found to allow him to safely get on/off the bed on his own and not needing to rely on us to pick him up. These stairs l;looked like they would fit the bill nicely.The steps arrived, well packed, in a box unassembled (see pics 1 and 2). The parts consist of very sturdy, and well painted, aluminum posts that would be joined together with the fabric steps to form the stairs. The assembly instructions are very good and I had no trouble getting it assembled in about 20 minutes. They are very sturdy and don't appear to have any wobble to them when pressure is placed on the steps.Now the tough part - getting our dog to use them. Our dog is no stranger to stairs and uses them daily to get to the second story of our home. But these stairs are different and required us to "teach" him they were safe and trustworthy. Think of it form the dog's perspective, he doesn't "see" stairs, but rather something else that is not what he would like to get on. His experience with stairs are that they are solid and not something you can see through. So we have had to walk him up and down the stairs a few times before he started doing so on his own (treats help to reinforce this idea too!). He still balks at it from time to time, but he is getting better and will get on the bed when one of us is there.I have only a couple of suggestions for the manufacturer. One is that the base has some grippier feet/pads for hard floors. The stairs don't slip much, but they do enough to make my dog (and maybe others) a little nervous when getting on or off. The other suggestion is to somehow make the fabric stairs connect to each other to make them appear more visible to the dog.That said, I am very happy with these stairs and I am sure my dog likes them more and more (as he gets used to them).Update: My dog goes up the stairs without a problem now. However, he still does not like going back down and will not do so without our being there. I think is is due to the stairs slipping/moving on the hard floor. We have to steady them before he will come down. Also, I think the stairs should be a tad wider as they are not easy for him to reach easily. Btw, my dog is a Boston Terrier (on the large end of the size scale).
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Items 1 to 10 of 68 total

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