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Veehoo Orthopedic Soft Calming Pet Sofa Bed

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Veehoo Orthopedic Soft Calming Pet Sofa Bed is in stock.

  • The Sleeping area comes with a kernel flannel bump design, which could massage the pets' skin, relieve muscle and joint pain and increase blood circulation, which could calm them down quickly and keep them healthy.
  • The rectangular pet sofa is made from Premium Suede and filled with soft PP Cotton. Breathable and stain-resistant.
  • The waterproof and non-slip backing can keep it in position and keep your pets safe.
  • Machine washable as a whole. After receiving, easily unzip and please use your hands to pat, shake the dog bed and wait it back to fluffy status before using.
  • Small: 26"x 21.5"x 8" (66x55x20 cm), and the sleeping area is 16"x 22"(40x 30cm). The bed can hold the weight up to 35 pounds (15.8kg).
  • Medium: 32"x25.5"x9" (82x65x23 cm), and the sleeping area is 22"x16"(56x40cm). The bed can hold the weight up to 55 pounds (25kg).
  • Large: 39"x30"x10" (100x76x25 cm), and the sleeping area is 30"x22"(76x56cm). The bed can hold the weight up to 95 pounds (43kg).

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Overall Rating

96 % of 100

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Customer Reviews

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  1. MistressOfTheCastle
    FABULOUS bed
    My Pittie has completely claimed this bed. He’s allowed to sleep on the furniture, and we have a half dozen dog beds throughout the house. He decided this one is definitely his.
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  2. Kevin & Liz
    Ms Xena loves this bed
    My American Bully, Xena loves this bed. She was very happy with her Christmas gift. She jumped right on the bed and made herself at home. The rubber bottom of the bed holds it in place on my laminate floor. It is very plush and soft. It does have four sides to it which act as pillows. Xena has been using this every day to lay on and sleep on. She loves it. We have a large open drum washing machine that we can fit this in to wash it later. Xena weighs 60 lbs and I have a second American Bully that weighs 80 lbs. I got the large size in this bed and they both have laid on it together. A little tight but they snuggle to share warmth and keep each other warm on this bed. I definitely recommend this bed it is very good quality.
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  3. SC
    Doggy approved!
    This dog bed came nicely packaged in a vacuum-sealed packaging that expanded once opening the product. The material is nice and soft and my puppies gravitated to it instantly once I placed it on the ground. This product is for the smallest that is offered. The texture was great, and the size is perfect! I would recommend it!
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  4. A Romero
    Studio Dog Approved!
    I have 2 small rescue dogs, and they both like to hang out in my new renovated studio when I’m in there. The “princess” likes to sleep on my comfy chair, but the male was sleeping on the floor. I felt badly for him, so I was excited to get him the Veehoo Rectangle Orthopedic Dog Bed. My little “studio dog” immediately approved of it! First he curled up in it, and now he’s all stretched out like the king of the studio - LOL! The bed came packed up in an air compressed bag, so it was flat. However, it didn’t take long for it to fluff up. (As a matter of fact, the longer it sits out of the bag, the fluffier it’s getting.) It is VERY soft and obviously calming for my dog, since it surrounds him like a little sofa. It is machine washable too, which I really like, since I don’t like it when my dogs’ bedding starts smelling. In addition, the quality of the materials and construction is solid, so I can tell the bed will last for a long time. For all these reasons, my dog and I are giving the Veehoo Rectangle Orthopedic Dog Bed 5 Full Stars!
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  5. Heather
    Great for small breeds
    I received this dog bed through the Vine Voice program.The Small Size is perfect for little breeds, and the dog bed does come shrink wrapped, but it expands and takes shape after a day or so.I will include a photo of the bed. The dog blanket is not included.Overall, it is as advertised and provides ample comfort.
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  6. labbie1
    Good Bed, Well Made, My Boy Loves It
    We adopted a couple of fur kids and they needed some beds. This one is for our terrier mix. He runs about 50 lbs. The bed comes in a vacuum sealed roll.You carefully snip the packaging off of the bed. The bed will begin to regain it's full shape quickly. I gave it a couple of days to fully expand and it looked good. The sides never did stand up as well as the one in the picture but they are still high enough that our boy likes to put his head on the pillows.The cover is not able to be removed for cleaning. The listing does show that the whole bed can be laundered but you would have to find a very large machine at a laundromat to do this size bed.The bottom is waterproof and has silicone dots to keep it from sliding on hard floors.The top is soft and warm and our boy does love the bed.We actually got this bed for the back seat of our truck. We spend a lot of time in the truck traveling. The back seats flip up and the floor folds down to make a flat bottom which is pretty hard so we wanted something nice and cushy for our boy to ride in. He really loves it and rides in it very comfortably.I will revise this review if anything changes but we're very happy with this bed and our guy gives it 4 paws up (which is 5 stars in people terms).
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  7. H. Martin
    Veehoo Rectangle Orthopedic Dog Bed
    My parent’s dog, Babykins is 12 years old and starting to feel her age, especially with the cold weather. I ordered this dog bed for her so she could curl up and be comfortable. It’s nice and plush. I hope that the bed does as it states abs help relieve some pressure from her joints. With her aging, she’ll need all the help she can get and I want to make sure she’s comfortable. And I have a heating pad that fits this bed so it can be used to really make a cozy bed for her. So far this seems well made and durable. It’s soft and I like that it can be washed easily. It really seems like a good quality dog bed so far.
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  8. Melissa Castellano
    Amazing bed
    Amazing dog bed. Huge and so fluffy Doberman puppy approved!
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  9. MistressOfTheCastle
    Fabulous bed!
    This bed is FABULOUS. It’s so soft and so fluffy, and it’s actually bigger than I thought (which is great bc I have five dogs). It arrives completely compressed, but once you slit the plastic it immediately poofs up to its real size. I really like the high sides on it (excellent for our little dogs), and it seems to be durable (excellent for our Pitties who frequently do freelance alterations on their beds and many other things). Overall, I definitely recommend and I’ll edit this if something unforeseen happens (like a complete demo or extension alterations…), but here’s hoping, rt? ♥️
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  10. Great Shopper
    good product
    good product. does what it is supposed to do.
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Items 21 to 30 of 71 total

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