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Veehoo Chew-Proof Dog Bed - Rustless Aluminum Frame

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Veehoo Chew-Proof Dog Bed - Rustless Aluminum Frame is in stock.

  • A chew-proof elevated dog bed with a rustless aluminum frame makes your puppy's dog bed more durable.
  • Excellent material and structure eliminate the risk of collapse of dog beds, providing a more stable and comfortable sleeping experience.
  • Let your dog get into healthier sleeping habits.
  • Features of easy to clean makes cleaning dog beds no longer a burden.
  • Easy to assemble, just a few steps your puppy will have comfortable bed.
  • Small: 22"L x 17"W x 7"H (56x43x18 cm), the dog bed can hold a maximum weight of 150 pounds (68kg).
  • Medium: 32"L x 25"W x 7"H (81x64x18 cm), the dog bed can hold a maximum weight of 150 pounds (68kg).
  • Large: 42"L x 30"W x 7"H (107x76x18 cm), the dog bed can hold a maximum weight of 150 pounds (68kg).
  • X-Large: 49"L x 32.5"W x 9"H (125x83x23 cm), can hold a maximum weight of 150 pounds (68kg).
  • XX-Large: 59”L x 37.4”W x 9”H (150*95*23 cm), can hold a maximum weight of 150 pounds (68kg).

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Overall Rating

96 % of 100

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Customer Reviews

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  1. TM
    Cleaning Robot Friendly Dog Lounge
    Great dog ‘furniture’. It has the right size for our 70 pound Shepherd mix and holds up with no problems. It has a clean look. The dog prefers it with a pillow or a blanket though. We haven’t used it outside, but we might do in the summer. I like that it can be next to the couch without looking like a dog-nest. The slight elevation allows our cleaning robot to roll underneath for carpet cleaning. That’s a big plus as well.To say it’s ‘chew resistant’ is an understatement. My guess is it can withstand a category 3 hurricane, and is probably a good place to shelter during an earthquake. Seriously, frame and fabric are sturdier than anything I have seen in dog-beds yet. This gets my five stars easy. I hope this helps to make a decision.
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  2. Sean McGill
    Comfortable hammock style dog bed
    What my dog likes:1. That she can jump up on it, lol2. She feels like she has her own couch3. She feels like a Queen on it.4. She likes how much room there is to spareWhat I like:1. It keeps her off the ground/floor and is better for her joints2. She can’t chew it, thanks to the smart design3. Aluminum frame won’t rust, so I can take it outside4. I don’t have to replace old worn out fabric bedsTrust you found this review helpful:-)
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  3. B Satuluri
    Light weight, Airy!
    We have a Bernese Mountain dog, he prefers to be at cold places all the time. We’ve tried many pet beds, he wouldn’t sleep on them as they get hot after a while. This bed is a hit- being airy it circulates the air and keeps him cool all the time. He loves to eat his snacks on it and relax. We were worried about this joints becoming hard, this bed solves the issue. Assembly is easy but be careful we had to do it again. Overall, our dog is happy hence we’re happy too!
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  4. Rdeokttn
    Dogs love this bed
    Veehoo Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed - Cooling Raised Pet Cot for Large Dog - Rustless Aluminum Frame and Durable Textilene Mesh Fabric, Unique Designed No-Slip Feet for Indoor or Outdoor UseComes in several pieces Easy to put togetherAllen wrench is needed to put together and is includedLargest dog to use it in my home is 100lbs zero sagging issues or wondering if this bed will holdAll of my dogs both large and small love this bed
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  5. Shannon Zolar
    Well designed, easy assembly, seems very rugged
    This is really great! I love the size - it is tough to find sturdy 'cooling' beds for my big dog. This came very quickly and the instructions were clearly laid out.Putting it together was super simple and it looks great!The webbing seems very strong and the fee is legit metal/sturdy so should hold up.She is a beast so I am going to get her used to it inside before I put it outside.I'm thrilled with it.Plus, the color is nice!Look how cute the paw-foot on each corner is!!! What a well thought out and designed product!Love jt
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  6. aTypicalEngineer808
    As compared to a Cool-a-roo Large bed
    Summary: Back in July 2019, we ordered a Large size cool-a-roo for our Fox-Terrier/Jack-Russell (35#, medium size). Will compare this VEEHOO to the COOL-A-ROO.Comparison: The first thing I noticed when looking at the specifications is that the frame uses rectangular tubing, and watching the video, the cast alumnimum clam-shell style corner pieces looked very robust, and easy to assemble. The Cool-a-roo on the other hand is tubular steel, and even though the screws are tight, the frame will twist when you pick it up to carry. The VEEHOO has a slightly smaller overall footprint for the same relatively bed size (about 12" less, 6" from either side). The VEEHOO material feels thicker than the Cool-a-Roo (maybe 1.5x to 2x thicker).Observations: The VEEHOO arrives partially assembled, you need to insert the 1/4" stiffening rods, then slide the short frame pieces on, then add all the clam shell corners. One feature I don't think was listed is that the legs are removable via a quick release push pin; added a picture with the leg removed, which would allow it to be shorter for storage under a bed. The overall construction is very good, but there was some minor quality issues with the aluminum frame pieces, specifically the holes for screws have flashing left behind; which I removed and then filed smooth. The ends of the frame extrusions are a little sharp, and that is important because the bed material could fail if it is cut by a sharp edge of the frame piece. The VEEHOO will stand vertically on either long or short side for storage.Recommendations: 1) If you're handy with tools, I would spend a minute to remove any sharp edges from the frame pieces, especially the ends that slip over stiffening rod area of the bed. 2) I stored the spare nuts/bolts inside one of the quick release legs, and marked it with red electrical tape. 3) The hex wrench is 4mm. 4) Reading other reviews, the bed material will fail under heavy loads (like an X-large dog), but the material can also give way if punctured by a sharp dog claw; so we put a towel/sheet over the top to try and help the bed material last. 5) During assembly, install all the screws loose, and then go back and tighten; might help with getting the last corner installed. 6) Use a lighter to singe any loose threads.Pros: Sturdy construction; simple to assemble (includes tools, and spare nuts & bolts);Cons: Price, top of the dog bed market.Conclusion: At $67, this is over twice the price of a Cool-a-roo, but it is very well made, and a superior design, so rating it 5-stars.Related Products:Coolaroo The Original Elevated Pet Bed ~ $28https://www..com/gp/product/B001HX4280/
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  7. the eliminator
    Nice dog lounge spot
    This dog bed/cot is really well made. The frame is all aluminum so it won't rust, which is why we picked it up. We do a fair amount of camping when weather permits and intend to use this outside some of the time, so the aluminum frame is a must. That also means it is pretty light and easy to move around. The legs have little plastic paws on them which is a nice touch. The dogs like it, our big one will hang out on it but it is slightly too small for him to fully stretch out.The only thing that is a little frustrating is the assembly. If it goes for you like it did for me, you'll get the first 3 legs on no problem, but the 4th one will require a fairly significant amount of force to get into place. The instructions warn you about this, and it's because the fabric has almost no stretch, but odds are most won't be able to put this together alone so be prepared to put some muscle into it. Luckily once it's together you won't need to touch it again.
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  8. Belle
    Sturdy platform bed! Great product
    Upon first impression, I’m very impressed with this product! Compared to other platform dog beds, this product is much more sturdy and durable feeling. The fabric used for the actual bed is thick, yet gives a little stretch to aid in the assembly process. The frame is made of a nice steel and is accented by these adorable paw feet as shown in the photos.The overall assembly process was straight forward and forewarned by the instruction manual that it may be a little difficult due to the final steps which provide little wiggle room with the fabric and frame. Overall, great product and my pup loves her donut bed on top :)
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  9. Mustang93
    Nice looking appearance and seems to work as a "cooling" bed
    This bed is the third bed I've bought for my dog. He has allergies, so I wanted to make sure that he wouldn't react to the type of the material. This bed is definitely the best looking, as far as appearance goes. It's a great size. I think the picture showed a bulldog on a medium-size bed but he likes to roll around, so I went with a larger size and it's perfect. So far, he's had no negative reactions to the fabric. He did experience negative reactions to the first bed.
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  10. 100%
    Lightweight, durable frame and fabric, sturdy, elevated dog bed
    This Veehoo elevated bed is so easy to assembly, the instructions were very easy to understand and it took my husband less than 10 minutes to assembleIt is durable and lightweight, great to take it to a park or when you go on vacation on your RV.The mesh fabric surface made to last, is excellent during summer time since the air flow under to keep my poodle cool. However right now I put a bed on top of it, since it gets cold at night and he doesn’t like blankets.The frame is very sturdy made of coated aluminum to prevent rust. This bed is great if you have a bed shredder dog, he won’t we able to destroy this one.I bought the large size so I could accommodate his other bed on top during winter season it measures 42"L x 30"W x 7"H.Overall ultra comfortable bed ideal for use on various surfaces, indoors or outside with skid resistant feet for extra stability during movement and extremely easy to clean, you can either removed the fabric and put it in the washer or wash outside with a hose. Highly recommended.
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Items 101 to 110 of 470 total

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